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Top 3 Sites for Free Sheet Music and Resources

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So, you've just bought a new, used, rebuilt, refurbished, digital, or concert piano? Congrats! Well no matter what kind of piano you have, the main reason to buy one (we hope) is that you want to Play it , or learn to play! 

Maybe you have wanted to try some entry level Bach, or Moonlight Sonata, John Legend, The Beatles, or how about Gershwin's "SummerTime" , Phillips Glass's "Openings" , or some music from the middle ages!?

These, and many more public domain pieces can be found at some of my recommendations below, since many of these are fairly new, as classical and written music makes its way onto the internet landscape, i encourage you to explore each one, and discover new music to make your piano sing! 

After all, a Piano you dont play, is just a big piece of overpriced furniture! (Art Deco Pianos may be an exception!) 


This is a HUGE library of music, as of http://imslp.org/ as of 7 August 2014  it has more than 286,000 scores, ranging from the Middle Ages up to modern instrumental music. College students in conservatory rejoice, you can find HQ PDFs of ALL the required repertoire here, from Bach to Ravel to Bartok and Mahler! It even has Original Manuscripts! in the composers pen, so you can gain a real insight to the Classics. 

What is really cool that will excite our Pianists is that scores can be divided by instrument or ensemble, so if you only want symphonic transcriptions on Piano clef, you can filter just those! You can also choose the type of ensemble and even view entire concertos to practice certain parts.

You can also find modern music such as Gershwin with a easy wiki friendly UI , as shown in this screenshot. Music is royalty free, however make sure to follow the copyright rules for your country of residence. 


This is the Google of documents! , it is pretty much a search engine that returns PDFs of anything that a user who owns it, wishes to display or share to the public. This can include many music books that have been scanned, or custom transcripts or arrangements, to lesson plans and music theory books. Many of these documents are mainstream or copyrighted from downloading, however users with a Scribd account can view as many as they like in their really nice web interface. In their terms, you can also open up downloads by contributing a document you write or can share to your account (and their search engine). For example, here i searched "All of Me Scribd PDF" into google and clicked the first link. It came up with an uncopyrighted arrangement of the song, which when played is identical to the original! This is just one of 1000s of songs on here. It is also a wealth of resources for music Education. 


Lastly, the king of search engines, Google may be your best tool for getting specific pieces. It is a good idea to be as specific to Google as you can, because your search goes to a server that doesnt understand grammar such as "the beegees songbook printed in 1998" , it responds better to keywords (also called meta tags) that link to the most relevant parts of the item you query. You can also add the file extension for a better result, such as PDF, DOC, MOBI, MIDI, etc if its a large volume such as a beatles anthology, maybe someone has zipped it for public use. adding archive tage like .zip .rar etc may help

However as shown below, the amount of music on the net is very large, espcially for well known artist! 

Have fun and happy playing! 

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