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Unique Art Deco and Premium Finish Pianos !

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Many of our clients purchase pianos for making music, learning, or performance. However there's a growing market that puts one attribute first, the Look of the instrument. 

For 100's of years since the inception of the Piano, the look has been conservative. Limited to the manufacturing and materials available to the craftsman. Now in the modern era of manufacturing, we have the ability to creative drastic changes to how the piano looks, one brand that does this particularly well, is Seiler a boutique piano maker from Germany, that handmakes a selection of pianos. Take a look at some of the more visually unique pianos that we carry, and we have sold in the past ! 

Seiler Grand Pianos such as this one, (which was sold to a buyer who has a futurist taste) was custom made though the Seiler dealership which we carry. We can make a Piano to fit your vision.

Seiler also does many unique finishes, all applied by hand. These are finishes you simply cannot find elsewhere. Unique colors and tones blend with the natural character of wood, and shapes of the aesthetic design.

We at Frank and Camilles West hope you appreciate the beauty in these works of art and music, with the hope that they will continue to inspire the next generation of pianists, and piano makers and strengthen the coexistence of visual art with musical consonance ! 

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